Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of an Era

Five and half years ago, I remember standing outside of a large room trying to decide if I had made the right decision and if I should walk in or turn around and go back home to Grand Blanc. Just give into the fear that I wasn't good enough for an internship with the Governor's Office.  Instead, I shocked myself and walked into the room to take on my next challenge.  This turned out to be the best thing I could have ever done.  In that time, I met some amazing people, did things I never thought I would and learned so much about myself.  

In a way, I feel like I grew up there and changed for the better.  I became a more vocal person without forgetting who I was.  I learned to finally stand up for myself, for the most part.  Working in that office, I learned that the people (the general public) that we work for had a voice and all we had to do was listen.  It made me appreciate things a lot more than I ever had before.

I had the chance to work for Michigan's first, and certainly not the last, women governor.  When I worked in Scheduling, I often worked 9, 10 hour days and hated getting up the next morning.  Then I would think of how the governor had probably been up hours before I had and was still going.  It made me rethink a lot of things and pushed me to work a lot harder.  While I worked here, I would often think, 'How many people do you know actually got a chance to say that they ran into the governor in the halls of their building?'  Not that many people.  In my time here, I learned a lot about the ins and outs of state government and saw things the general public didn't know about.  How the governor had to fight with the senate for the people that she represented and protect them.  How the news never talked about the positive things that she achieved, only the negative. 

When my boss said goodbye for the last time yesterday afternoon, the dam broke and I couldn't help but cry.  Despite everything that was ever said, he meant well and was a good boss who would go to bat for his team.  To me, that says a lot about a person.  Other than my internship supervisor in Legal, he will be the one that I remember the most.

It was here that I met some of my closest friends.  It was with Katie that I would IM all day as an intern despite the fact that she was in the next cubicle and laugh.  It took Amy and I a year to realize that neither of us could hear the other and became good friends.  It was Jessica who made working in Scheduling tolerable with our weekly Beaners run and sarcasm.  The "family" lunches weren't as awkward.  It was Adair and Allison that I was glad to have join our group over the summer.  It was my last round of interns that kept me on my toes all summer long.  I honestly could go on forever, but I don't think it's necessary.  Before we left for the last time, we promised to stay in touch and get together as much as possible.  

It was almost like after graduation in a way.  The one difference is that these people changed my life and for that, I am grateful.  They didn't look at where I was from, the color of my skin or anything like other people I had dealt with before.  Instead, they made it a point to get to know me and became like a family to me.  They knew before anyone else when I had a lot on my mind and just needed someone to listen or needed to be called out.  They were the people that I didn't feel like I had to explain myself, almost like my real family.   

Five and half years later, I walked out of the Romney building for the last time remembering all of the memories that I now had and know that no matter what, I was blessed to even get the chance to work there.  To meet the people that I did, who changed my life for the better.  To become a person who now has this insane amount of experience and can go anywhere, do anything.  There were days that I hated my job, but in the back of my mind, I knew that wasn't true.  Any job that I take after this may never measure up to this, but that's okay.

To the end of an era!

Friday, December 24, 2010

My gift to you....

So I was trying to figure what I should give my "dedicated" followers for Christmas when it hit me.  A small intro to a rough version of my second book.  When I was writing this, I loved it because a part of this is from my last trip to Chicago when I visited my friend, Katie.  Please know that the scene in the metro car really happened.

Jumping on the metro to meet up his partner for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Lincoln Park on their day off, Miles Jackson, a young African American homicide detective with the Chicago Area Police department, settled in a seat by the window and watched as the world around him passed by.  Chicago during the summer was probably his favorite time of year.  With all of the festivals, art shows and tourists, there was never a dull moment and that’s what kept him here.  Other than serving in the military, he had never lived outside of the Chicago area in all of his thirty four years.  In his mind, he wondered why anyone would ever leave when everything they could ever want was here.  If you were tired of one area of town, all one had to do was move on to another neighborhood.  No reason to leave the city, he thought to himself.

Once the metro car he was in went underground, he turned to look around the car that he was in at the other passengers as the music from his ipod served as a soundtrack to the ride.  The little girl with an older woman was squirming in her seat trying to get the woman to pay attention to her.  A group of teen-aged girls were in the seats by the doors gathered around a digital camera giggling before taking another picture of themselves.  A young man trying to start a conversation with a young woman around his age in a conversation to see what her favorite vegetables were and about the vegetarian lifestyle.  From what Miles could see, she had no interest in the topic and wished he would stop talking.  The older man sitting in front of him wearing tattered clothing and a bag matching his attire in the seat next to him was engaged in a heated conversation with himself.

Miles stood up to go stand by the doors to get off.  Once the doors opened, he pushed his way through the crowd of incoming passengers and ran down the stairs to walk that last few blocks to the restaurant.  He was a few doors away from his destination when he saw Devyn Williams, his work partner for the past year and half, coming from the other direction and waved.  When she saw him, she smiled and waved back.  A few moments, he opened the door for her and walked in after her.

Christmas 2010

It's been a while since I have been on here and for that, I apologize for that.  I've been working on finding a new job and working on my second book, which by the way, is going great!  Its a continuation of my first and I'll admit that I am not the nicest to them.  So far, a rough sketch of the ending is done, so its nice it have that part done.  I really HATE the villain and am having an issue writing from their point of view.

Anyways, that is not why we're here!

Tomorrow, we are having Christmas tomorrow afternoon at my parents house and as I'm writing this, my family is all sitting in the kitchen getting the food and treats together.  I've got to say that it's kind of nice not having any wrapping to do tonight like I have in the previous years. 

I haven't really gotten into the Christmas spirit and didn't put up my Christmas tree.  It just didn't seem like Christmas.  I think we've seem to have forgotten the real reason for the season.  Every time I think about that it, I think of this season from the Charlie Brown Christmas.

So, enjoy your time with your family tomorrow and have a very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Random....

So, I am a total slacker and have not watched this weeks episode of Bones yet...I will before the end of the day!  I was reading a Bones fanfic, when I thought of one of my favorite scenes in the show.  

Not sure how anyone could hate this show after seeing scenes like this with our favorite non-couple!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Okay, I know that I haven't resubmitted my book yet, but I got an idea for a second book.  The first book was about Devyn Williams past and the betrayal by someone close to her.  For the second book, I'm thinking that this will be more about her partner, Miles Jackson.  The opening scene will start with Miles making his way through the city.  What I do like about this chapter is that a lot of this is based on my last trip to Chicago. 

So here is my dilemma: How should the first (and maybe only) victim die?  I was talking to my mom about it earlier and she couldn't believe that I would even ask her this.  "Because, Mom!  I'm going to ask you about it anyway!"  Right now, I know that it's going to be messy and very gross.  Do you know what she recommended? (And I love her for this one!) "Think about the torture scene from 'Law Abiding Citizen'.  That was a real torture scene!"  Yes it was and even now, its one of the hardest scenes I've ever seen to watch.  (Ps. if you have a weak stomach or don't like blood, PLEASE don't watch that scene!) 

Let's just say I get what she's saying, but I can't do that.  Looks like I will be pulling out my encyclopedia on criminals out this week.  Yikes!

In my head, I know how it's going to end and have mapped out most of the characters, except the murderer.  Its that one part that is going to bug me!

Any ideas?

Ps. I have no idea where these crazy ideas come from and I can already see more than a few sleepless nights in my future.

Monday, November 8, 2010


As I was adding "It was as if Miles had anticipated how the journal would end", when an idea hit me.  What if I made it so that Carson Maddox was more or less the fall guy and Miles was the real mastermind behind all of the murders?  Terry and Brian would have just been collateral damage.

A small part of me kinda likes this idea.  It would make for one hell of a twist.

The other part is screaming, "NOOOOOOO!!!"  Devyn needs a stable partner who is really dedicated to his job and is a genuinely good person.  Besides, Miles is too awesome of a character to be a villain.  Don't you think?

Just a thought....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feel Good Quote

Found this after I submitted my last blog post.  I feel like we all have our days when we feel that we have hit rock bottom and need to be reminded of awesome we really are.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”~ Marianne Williamson

Have an awesome weekend, my dear readers! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

“FEAR is an acronym in the English language for "False Evidence Appearing Real"”

This week has been kind of dragged despite the fact that it was a four day work week and so is next week.  To calm my nerves this week, I've been getting a lot of writing done.  I was reminded of how much I hated my rogue characters and despite how stressful my main characters, Devyn and Miles, are, I totally love them.  I hate all of the things that I put these two through, but in the end, it is soooo worth it.

It has been almost a year and half since I started this blog and posted that my work had been accepted by a publisher, which I later turned down because I was ready to take that step and I wanted to go in a different direction.  Well, today, I found a publishing company that accepts manuscripts four months out of the year and the next round is in January of next year.  So, I am thinking while I am looking for a new job, I can make the changes that I think needs to be made and can submit my book.  

Am I nervous?  No...I'm terrified.  

A few months ago, I commented on here saying that the idea of submitting my book to another publisher and KT Mac said this: 

"....fear is the indication that you're about to do something worthwhile. It might not turn out the way you hope, but it definitely will make your life more interesting and better for it! Now, face that fear and go for it!"
 Maybe so.  

So I'm thinking that it's time to do what I'm afraid to do and continue to submit my book. 

Mary Manin Morrissey once said “You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”

I think she said it perfectly!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What Am I Missing?

A little over a year ago, I took this extremely scary step and submitted my book to a publisher, which I also turned down, before rewriting about 75% of my book.  (And I'm pretty sure you're wondering why I would even submit if I wasn't ready.  If you don't already know the answer, then don't ask!)  Since then, I have been adding more to each character so that they seem more realistic.  Like people that you could actually see yourself having coffee or lunch with.  Or someone that  you would want to knock that crap out of if you ever met them in person.  

I noted about a year ago where a couple of my characters came from and how much I really hated them.  Terry is more or less a just jerk; all talk really.  Brian is the one that hurt me the most to write.  He is the one that makes me physically sick because he is so smug and believes that women are on this earth to serve and are less than men.  

I bring this up because I am adding to a scene that will change things a little in my book.  It was in the original version, but has changed quite a bit.  When I was writing this scene, it was already hard because the main character is injured and although I wrote it, I still cringe.  In my head though, there was still something missing.  I just didn't know what it was.  

In my head and on paper, Devyn, my main character, is telling what she saw, but I forgot to tell it so that the reader could feel how she felt, saw and heard at that moment.  How the sweat was rolling down her back and how that sick feeling crept into the pit of her stomach.  I had forgotten to describe the look in the persons eyes looking back at her or how.....

And I need to stop.

I'm in the library right now, and I have to say that I got chills while feeling sick having to put myself in Brian's shoes (yes, I know that I gave away a detail, but it was necessary here!).  It was needed to make sure the reader got the full effect and I have to say it terrifies me to know that there are actually people out there like him!

Yes, I rambled quite a bit tonight, but I remember warning you that I would do this sometimes when I started this blog over a year ago.

Am I going crazy for nothing?  I really hope not.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Painful Loss

  • Before Friday, I haven't been to a Pistons game since right before Thanksgiving in 2008
  • Yeah, the Pistons lost at the last second, but the way I see it, it was a preseason game and that's not what really matters.
  • The team chemistry is wayyyyy better than what it was last season!
  • Was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to see Will Bynum and Jonas Jerebko play. *sigh*
  • Went to the game with Dad 

  • Gotta give it to Austin Daye, a second year player who reminds me of Tayshaun "The Palace" Prince.  He scored a game high 22 points.  Not bad, kid!
  • The final score was 106-103

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change of Scenery

Last weekend, I went to Chicago to visit my friend Katie.  Until last Friday, I had never taken the train anywhere.  Yeah, it took about the same amount of time as it would to drive, but the people watching is priceless.  On the way there, I sat next to this guy who was reading a book about UFO's and housed oselots and snow leopards.  Odd and a part of me wanted to call him an idiot, but I didn't.  It's just not something I would do.  I had never been able to walk around Chicago without a plan and to me, that was wayyyyyyy more fun!  I was able to enjoy views like this!

Friday was mainly spent walking around Lincoln Park and catching up on gossip, which is ALWAYS fun!  Got a chance to check out the zoo, which was really cool!

Saturday, after having breakfast with her bf, Katie and I saw the movie, Red, which was really good and I would totally recommend it.  After that, we got a chance to check out Millennium Park....another place I had never gotten a chance to check out before.  

Yes, you could say that I was a total tourist and I would totally agree with you.  Is there something wrong with that? ;o)

Fast forwarding a little bit.  Later that night, we decided to check out this Blues joint not too far from her place and it was packed, so we got seats by the door.  Some people would complain about this, but I have to say, these were the best seats in the house.  Perfect place to people watch, especially when they don't realize that you're sitting there when they do something crazy.  The band playing was amazing!  

As usual, there were a few weirdos in the bunch.  A couple that we still laugh about today.  One was a blues brother wanna be who offered to buy us drinks, but seemed to drop it when we turned him down.  Another was some wanna be who was extremely drunk and wouldn't go away.  We'll call him Curly.  I honestly couldn't tell you what this clown was talking about, but even when we would turn to someone else and start talking, Curly was still going.  This old man topped the cake though!  He and his son, who was a spitting image of him, were extremely drunk.  He was a creeper to the utmost.  Every time one of us would look up, he would be looking in our direction.  At one point, Katie and I had to switch seats to see if that would help.  After a few rounds of drinks, she and I looked at each other and said we were done for the night!

After enough creepers tried to talk to us, this older lady who we had been talking to the whole night leaned over and said, "You two are NOT walking home by yourselves.  My husband and I are walking you home."  (A small side note: Her husband joined the band on stage to sing and as a harmonica player.  This guy killed it!)  We finally left right after we ran into the old creepy guy while we were waiting to use the restrooms.  So, yes, this couple walked us home.  We walked into her apartment laughing our butts off.  I woke up the next morning with almost no voice, but it was soooooo worth it!

There is no way we could make up a story like that!

A few more randoms for you.

 And I did!

Will I go back to visit again?  What a crazy question!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bones Chat

Dear Bones people,

We need to chat asap!  Compared to the previous five season, this season is only mediocre at best.  We knew Brennan lost her mind when she turned Booth down and understood when he said that he moved on last season.  What we didn't realize is that Brennan's god awful mistake would have a hand in destroying this season.  Because of her need to find herself, she went to Indonesia and he went to Afghanistan and met the new love of his life.  Yeah, Hannah seems nice and all and under difference circumstances, she and Brennan could be BFF's without it being awkward.  

We lost the post case drinks, cute looks between our favorite non couple and gained awkward moments, an extremely sappy Booth and an out of place Brennan.  Have they forgotten about Jasper, Ripley and Brainy Smurf?  Sigh

This season has been the hardest to watch.  Most of last weeks episode was muted because of the fact that I am not a fan of all the ridiculousness.  I'm not saying that the show should go back to how things were, but it should go back to how things were with the idea of moving forward.  

Good bye Hannah....

Good bye awkwardness....

Hello Booth and Brennan!  (Maybe....please?!)

From a slightly disappointed fan

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Impressed

I never thought I would ever admit this, but this season of Bones...not impressed!  The season opener was only mediocre and last weeks episode where Booth's new girlfriend, Hannah, was officially introduced to the show, wasn't too much better.  I think our non-couple may be the problem.  Last month, I was super excited to see how this season would go, but now that excitement has come to a screeching halt!  After years of watching this show, that has NEVER happened.  

Booth is supposedly "head over heels" in love with Hannah.  I feel like that may not really be the case.  I mean, think about it.  When Bones turned him down last season, Booth turned around and dated someone just like her.  When that didn't work, he turned around and went back to what he knew: a woman who were the opposite of Bones and blonde.  Whatever!  I know they say that she won't last either and there is a chance that these two will come to their senses, but gah!  He's happy, fine.  He needs to stop trying his hardest to push Bones into that direction when she is more than content in being alone.  (Okay, that was the frustration talking.)

Bones.  Well, she is just pissing me off!  Two episodes into the season and I want to reach through the TV and shake her!  Okay, yes, last week, she admitted that she dreamed of the possibility of she and Booth together to Sweets and Booth.  Maybe if this had happened LAST season, Hannah wouldn't be the one in bed with Booth last week.  SHE WOULD!  She has gotten so used to being alone and I guess I understand that, but come on!  This time that is kind of her fault.  I don't know.  Maybe, it's good that Hannah is around for Booth, since Bones is being a total idiot.

Another issue that I have with this show is that the guests this week are from the Jersey Show, which I have to say is a waste of airtime if you ask me.  They are bringing a classless show to Bones.  That sentence alone makes me wants to throw up, but once again, we have to trust the writers, right? 

Of all the season openers, I am going to have to say that CSI: Miami was better than most.  Maybe because it tugged slightly at the heartstrings with the death of a semi new character, a sigh of relief when one of the fan favorites didn't leave the show, and a sense of family at the end when the characters came together to support the others.  A little bit of action and Horatio Caine's one liners didn't hurt either. 

Will this feeling of disgust for my show go away?  I hope so.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

Last night, I thought it would be kind of cool to check out the old movies that Celebration Cinema was showing this week.  Casablanca, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dracula...movies like that.  This week, they were showing the Wizard of Oz, a total classic!  Yeah, I've seen this movie at least a thousand times and know most of the words by heart.  How cool would it be to see this movie on the big screen?  

Anyway, to see this movie on the big screen for the first time was amazing.  I got a chance to see things that I had always missed while watching it on TV.  While Dorothy and the Scarecrow are talking to the Tinman in the forest, I noticed that there were these huge birds in the background.  There were a ton more things, but there is no real point in going into that, I guess.

Watching this movie today reminded me of how ahead of their time this movie was.  It was released in 1939 in color and other "special effects" that weren't usually seen in movies at that time.  The fact that this movie can still fill a theater with people between the ages of one and 80 is amazing.  There aren't too many old movies out there that can do that.  Other than just being a great movie, there is a great lesson that viewers learn.  No matter what happens in your life, anything you could possibly need is already around you.  If it's not, then you never needed it to begin with.  A family who is there no matter what (no matter how much they seem to drive you crazy) and great friends who will be there when times get rough.  

When we all walked out of the theater, Mom told me that this was a great idea.  Finding something that the whole family seemed to enjoy makes it all worth it.

Have a great week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bones Season 6 Premiere

For four months and two days, I waited patiently to see how the new season of Bones would start hoping like hell that I wouldn't be disappointed.  After spending the last 13 hours thinking about it, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. 

Story:  While Booth is Afghanistan doing his thing and Brennan in Indonesia, Cam is back in D.C. fighting with the media about a case regarding a missing boy.  The media assumes that the small body in her morgue is that of the missing boy, but she isn't certain and is very open about this.  When her job is threatened, Cam turns to Ms. Julian who calls up Booth, Bones, Hodgins and Angela (who were in Paris for the last seven months) to come home and help.  Turns out the body in the morgue was not the missing child, but a child who had died from accidentally swallowing a screw from his crib.  The mother and grandfather tried to revive the little boy, but when they failed, they buried him and didn't report the death to the authorities.  In North Korea, the authorities were feared and the two of them brought this fear to the States.  (Thanks to Ms. Julian, they were not charged for the death of the little boy.)  As for the missing boy, Booth and Bones found out that the father had an uncle take him...he was returned to his mother. 

To the more important part of the Show!

First off, let me start by saying that Ms. Julian is awesome!  She brought this team back together in order to save one of their own and wouldn't take no for an answer.  Under that tough exterior is a big heart.

Cam:  Her intentions were good when she told the media that she said that she couldn't positively ID the child's body on the table, because she couldn't.  Her team that she has come to depend on for these things for the past five plus years, were in other countries.  The 'replacement team' that she put together wasn't HER team.  "They weren't you guys" was the line she used in the show.  In my eyes, Cam was always the one to keep things running smoothly and was kind of this force of nature.  After seven months, she was still not afraid to call Bones out on her crap.  At the beginning, Cam corners her and tells her that her selfish act of going to Indonesia is what broke this team apart!  Wow!  After the case is solved, she thanked each and everyone of them for coming back and saving her job.

Angela and Hodgins:  I love them together!  Since Booth and Bones can't seem to get their acts together, we need at least one happy couple and these two seem to be it.  Angela and Hodgins got married toward the end of last season and went to Paris for their honeymoon since they didn't want to work with another forensic anthropologist or FBI agent.  Angela came back pregnant....A Show BABY!!!! 

Sweets and Daisy:  A Booth and Bones wannabe that has failed like our non-couple.  Daisy told Sweets that she needed to put her career first and go to Indonesia with Bones at the end of last season.  When she came back, she expected to pick up where they left off and Sweets wasn't having it.  I say, "Go Sweets!"  He couldn't just be her friend and that it was good bye after Booth told him to move on. Poor baby duck!  Now that they aren't together, Daisy will leave the Show?  Only time will tell.  One good thing about the time away is that our dear Sweets finally has facial hair and doesn't look like a 12 year old!

Now onto the real reason we all watch the Show! (Okay, not really.)

When Season five ended, we all hoped, but didn't hold our breath, that Bones would come to her senses and realize that she was in love with Booth.  That they should give the whole relationship thing a chance.  That maybe this love thing was real.  When they met up at the reflective pool on the mall by the coffee cart, it was like she expected things remain the same.  Unfortunately for her, Booth was serious last season when he told her that "things had to change" and that he "had to move on".  He went and fell in love with a reporter who is the total opposite of our favorite forensic anthropologist.  When he showed her the picture of "Hannah", I just shook my head.  She kinda reminds me of all the women, minus the marine biologist and Cam, that he has dated since the beginning of the show. 

Bones, you are an idiot!  I have yet to stop shaking my head.

There were moments where I wanted to shake Booth.  Booth, I don't blame you for moving on when you can't get what you want, but waving it in her face, not necessary.  I also am not sure how I feel about the advice he gave to Sweets.  Sweets and Daisy's relationship is different than he and Bones.  The young couple were actually in love and planned to be married.  Bones...still had yet to admit that she was in love with Booth.  Bones was running and Daisy was just following her mentor.  Daisy apologized, Bones didn't.  I don't think Sweets, for once, should have listened to the advice. 

Bones, maybe now you can get your act together.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One More Day....

After I saw the season finale of Bones on May 20th, I felt like someone had sucker punched me!  Booth and Bones were going their separate ways for a year to move on and possibly find themselves.  I, along with other Bones fans, would have to wait four months to see if Brennan came to her senses about how she feels about a certain FBI agent and if Booth would be willing to wait for our crazed forensic anthropologist.  In the spoilers and promos, it seems as though neither of these happened.  Regardless of all of this, we Bones fans still wonder if it will it happen this season?  Will Hart Hanson stop teasing us and make this duo hook up without hurting the show? 

Will there be more of this?

Will we finally see this outside of a dream?

Come on, Show!  We've waited patiently for SIX long years!  

Anyways, in less than 36 hours, the Bones Season 6 Premiere starts and please know that I will be sitting in front of that TV at 7:59 pm waiting for that episode to start!  Will you?

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Season...

Last week, I stopped in Target to grab a couple little things and saw that they had set up their Halloween section.  This only means one thing: Fall is almost here!  Yes, it means that the weather is going to get a little cooler (What am I saying? It's going to get down right cold!), but it also means a lot of great things are about to start!

First thing being the NBA season!  The Detroit Pistons play their first preseason game on October 5 against the new Miami Heat.  After such a disappointing season last year, they are supposed to come back as a healthy team ready to prove to the league that they aren't the same team that we saw go 27-55.  I honestly can't wait to see how they do this season.  Will they make the playoffs this year?  That would be awesome!  Will they make the Conference Finals for the first time since 2006?  We'll have to see about that.

Another thing that we have to be excited about are the apple festivals and Halloween.  Just last week, Bigby Coffee started serving apple cider.  Apple cider ==> Fall ==> Apple Festivals ==> Halloween!  (If you got that, you are awesome!) 

Last but definitely not least, most of the new seasons of our beloved shows start next week.  Yes, I am talking about Bones, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Brothers & Sisters, NCIS and so many others.  Bones is the one that I extremely excited about.  Booth and Bones come back together after being in separate countries while Hodgins and Angela are coming back from their honeymoon in Paris.  How could anyone NOT be excited about this?  Yeah, I hear Booth is bringing someone back with him, but I have also heard that it's not gonna last!  Will this be the season where Bones comes to her senses and gets with Booth?  Maybe, maybe not!  In the season premiere for CSI: Miami, we'll see who survived the attack on the crime lab and if Eric and Calliegh's relationship will last.  I could really go on and on about these shows and why I am so excited about the upcoming seasons.  I am not sure how I feel about the new show, Law and Order: Los Angeles and I don't like that CSI: New York was moved to Fridays. 

Yeah, I know that summer is ending, but think of everything that we are gaining during Fall!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

To The Parents at the Library....

We need to talk!  Over the past year, I have made it a point to get as much of my writing done at the public library as possible.  Whether its to update my blog, write down a few thoughts or work on my book.  I come here because its quiet or at least its supposed to be.  While I'm here, I always have to listen to your children screaming at the top of their lungs.  This is on top of my music that is not exactly on the lowest setting.  
  • I should NOT be able to hear your kid over my music!  
  • I should NOT have to look up to see you standing next to your child while he/she is pretending that they aren't able to stand on their own because they are tired, hungry or just plain bored.  
  • I should not see you with this "I don't know why they are acting like that" look while whispering 'please don't embarrass Mommy at the library'.
  • I should not see your kids playing tag in the adult reading and work section!  (I swear one day, I'm just going to get fed up and trip one of those kids and walk away!  Okay maybe I won't, but you get what I'm saying.)
I know I am not the only one who feels like this when a child is screaming nonstop and the parent isn't doing anything to stop them.  While I was at the library on Wednesday working on blog post that I was super excited about, a child started making this awful screeching sound every couple minutes.   I was there for less than an hour because of the fact that it was getting ridiculous.  People were getting up and moving as far from the noise as possible.  Finally I got fed up and left.  On my way out, I passed the child with it's mom and she acted like this kid hadn't been making all of that noise!  REALLY?!

Look, before you tell me that I am being insensitive and that it's a public place; to get used to it, let me just say one thing.  Yes, it is a public library, BUT a library is often a place for people to study, get work done or to relax.  Here, people expect the distractions to be kept to a minimum.  Your kid screaming...a distraction.  I am not saying that you parents should not take your kids to the library, because I believe that a child should know that a library is a magical place.  What I am saying is that if your child is out of control, take them outside or home.  

Thanks for listening,

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Innocence of a Child

Today, I went to my parents house in Grand Blanc to celebrate the "holiday" with them and just spend some time with the family.  Jazmone was talking about wanting to watch Mother Goose Rock N' Rhyme, a movie that we all pretty much grew up watching and is still one of my favorite movies.  Anyway, I sat down and started watching it on my laptop.  Kania, who is five, sat down and watched it with me until it was time to eat dinner.  Let me just say, anyone who deals with kids knows that for them to sit over an hour and some to watch a movie is a big deal.  There were parts where I would catch her humming along with the songs and tapping her fingers on the armrest.  

After dinner, while Mom was braiding her hair, she asked to watch it again!  She made it most of the way through before jumping up to see what everyone was doing.  Before I took them home, she wanted to see a few more parts and started singing along with the movie.  The whole way to Saginaw, she was singing different songs from the movie and reciting nursery songs.

I guess the reason why this kind of stopped me in my tracks was that in a time where kids her age have lost their innocence and their appreciation for kids movies, she is still holding on.  This is one thing that I absolutely love!  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Weekend moment

So on Saturday, before I went to my uncles wedding, I stopped at Wal-Mart (don't judge!) to get the oil changed for my car.  Knowing that I would be walking around the store while I was waiting so I decided to leave the book I am reading in the car.  About fifteen minutes into the wait, one of the mechanics came into the room where I was and asked if I was really reading The Divine Comedy.  (Um yeah....)  "Have you read The Inferno?"  Yeah...  "It was crazy."  And I had to agree...reading it for the first time in years, I was shocked at how "real" it was. 

More or less, I was amused by the fact that this mechanic got super excited over a book written over six hundred years ago and reminded me that I am not the only not the only nerd out there! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding as the Sun Sets Along Lake Michigan

  • Last night, my Uncle Tim and his girlfriend, Nikia, got married along Lake Michigan around 8:00 while the sun set over the water...definitely a beautiful image, but I, unfortunately, was not able to get a good picture.  
  • It's been a while since I've been to that side of the state and as we were driving past the signs for the state parks, I was already planning a mini trip to the lake for a day trip.  
  • It was nice to see the whole family together and reunite with the neighborhood friends.  Let me just tell you that the stories were hilarious!
  • The reception was at this club in the Muskegon.  The room started out a little divided, but by the end of the night, the two families came together on the dance floor.  When we walked out, my younger cousin had everyone in the place in tears from laughing so hard while he was dancing with the brides mom!  
  • It was definitely worth losing my voice for!
  • Mom's friend decided to start calling me "Little Ann" after my mom, but I think he should have been calling Hillary that.
  • Hillary's cupcakes were a HIT!  I hear that they were better than the wedding cake that was professionally made!
Almost looks too good to eat! ;o)

Note: I tried to post pics from my camera phone, but they wouldn't upload correctly. Sigh

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Who knew catching up on blogposts would make me feel better?  The last couple weeks have been so crazy with moving, family and work that all of these thoughts swirled in my head and wouldn't leave me alone.  So here they are!
  •  I am not sure what made me think that moving would be a good idea!  It's extremely stressful and there is so many T's to cross and I's to dot and my lack of patience makes things worse.  
  • So far, the apartment is looking quite nice and I am so glad that the ratty futon is FINALLY out of there....almost five years later!  I ended up getting a leather chaise lounge to replace it.
  • It was kinda wierd celebrating my birthday with the fam two weeks before the actual day, but whatever.  It was fun and the cupcakes that Hillary made were DELISH!
  • Despite all of the negative press that Flint has gotten and will continue to get, it was amazing to see the city come together for the Back To The Bricks car cruise this past weekend.  Over a period of four days, a few hundred thousand people came out!  What a beautiful sight to see and the cars were AWESOME!
  • Can you believe the month is just about over?!
  • NBA season is almost here!!
  • Bones season 6 starts in 29 days!
  • My nerd moment of the week: I picked up a copy of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and am in the middle of the Inferno.  I remembered why I loved reading it in high school.  The style of writing is amazing!  And to think that this book was written in the 13th!  I honestly could write a separate post about this, but I'll spare you.
  • We're over half way through the week...that should make anyone happy!  
  • Off to a wedding this uncle is getting married.  sniff, sniff

Back To The Bricks

Saturday, I went with Dad and the little’s to Back to the Bricks, a classic car show in downtown Flint.  This is something of a tradition that started several years back with Dad, Jay and I, but Jay’s schedule has made it so that he usually misses the show.  I already know what you’re thinking.  A car show in the middle of downtown Flint?  Um no!  All I say is hear me out on this and then you can say what you want.
Years ago, Flint was a thriving city thanks to General Motors, but when GM left the area leaving a few spots open, they took the jobs with them.  Flint, along with Detroit and other spots in Michigan, was hit extremely hard and is slowly coming back.  When most people hear about Flint, it’s usually nothing positive and to me it’s not fair.  Due to the crime rate, lack of jobs and an overall negative image, this city has been forgotten about over the years.
As the four of us were walking through the streets looking at all of the cars that people brought out to show off, Dad and I were amazed by how many people came out and how the show has grown over the years.  Almost everywhere we turned, there was a vendor or two promoting their business and this was not the case even last year.  To me, it seemed like the city of Flint pulled out all the stops for this.  There were now more restaurants and stores open, which was beautiful to me.   What got me was the amount of people that come out for this show.  To this city and surrounding areas, this show isn’t just a show, but The Show.  Almost a way of life.  This city, no matter the race or background, comes together for a classic car show to support this area and each other. 
While we were telling Mom about it over dinner, Hillary said, “You know, I usually don’t like cars, but going to this show is always fun.”  And she’s right.  One may not necessarily like cars and even the idea of going to a car show puts them to sleep, but this car show has something for everyone.  It may be the cars, the music, seeing what the different vendors have or just walking around the downtown area to see the new changes.   I feel like if Flint put together more events like this that encouraged the city to come together, more people would see how far the city has come and maybe change their attitude toward this area. 
If Saturday hadn’t been the last day of the show, I would have encouraged anyone reading this to check it out to not only to see the cars (although that is the best part), but to see how beautiful the downtown area really is.  Despite this little tidbit, I would still recommend checking out the area.  Plenty of restaurants, shops, the University of Michigan Flint and museums are definitely worth checking out. 

Who would win....

Last, a guy that I work with walked into my office (yes, office!) and said, "I have two questions for you."  The first was "Do you think that the Miami Heat will beat the Chicago Bulls record of 72-10?" The second was "If these two teams ever played each other, who would win?"  Yes, I think that the new Miami Heat team is extremely talented, but I don't think this team should be compared to the 90's Bulls with Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Co.  This is a team that set the standards for all future teams.  Everything about them was great...the defense, 3 point shoots, a solid body in the paint, everything!  They almost seemed like a crazy questions to ask, but it made me think.

For all of you sports fans, what do you think?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 13th

Meg, Andie and Jill
Today I said goodbye to my interns who called themselves my kids and they called me Mom or Mama Tiff.  The past interns that I have worked with, I have rarely thought about them again unless we were telling stories, but these three were different.  Andie and Jill wormed their way into my life before I had a say with their crazy stories and random moments.  When Meg, the youngest started about a month after them, she followed in their footsteps and began calling me Mama Tiff.  

Today was hard for me because these kids kept me on my toes and I became so used to them always being around.  I looked out for them the way a parent would look out for their kids and hated when they were forgotten about by others.  I found that with these three, there was never a dull moment.  Whether it was decorating my new office last month, hearing about Andie's day from hell, Jill's terrible roommates for the summer or laughing over how excited Meg was over Shark Week. 

Their parting gift

Allison, Meg, me, Jess, Jill, Andie and Adair

When Jill and Andie first started in our office, I noticed that the word that they used to describe everything was RUDE!  Of course, when Meg started in the office, she started using this word as well.  Now when I hear or say this word, I will always think of them.  

Appointments had a lunch for them to thank them for all of their help yesterday and it's already hard enough for me to think of something to write in a card other than, "Thank you and good luck," but when it was even harder for me because I actually liked them.  When I finished the last card, I actually had to walk away hoping like hell that I wouldn't cry!  (Yes, I'm human and I do cry sometimes!)  Amy and I asked a couple times if they really had to leave today and unfortunately, the answer was yes. Sigh

To my kids, 

Thank you for a crazy summer!  You will definitely be missed, but I'm sure you already know that!  Jill, please hold it down in DC and I'm sure I'll be visiting!  Andie, please stay away for the bikers and keep the random stories coming!  Meg, what can I say?  You definitely changed my opinion of high schoolers with your maturity and sass.  I know that you all will do well in the upcoming semester.  When you are tempted to do something crazy, please stop and think of what look I would be giving you at that moment if I were there.  Hopefully, that will make you rethink your choices.  Take care of yourselves!

Mama Tiff

Meg, Andie, Jill and I
The Family Tree

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.  ~Flavia Weedn, Forever, ©