Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Who knew catching up on blogposts would make me feel better?  The last couple weeks have been so crazy with moving, family and work that all of these thoughts swirled in my head and wouldn't leave me alone.  So here they are!
  •  I am not sure what made me think that moving would be a good idea!  It's extremely stressful and there is so many T's to cross and I's to dot and my lack of patience makes things worse.  
  • So far, the apartment is looking quite nice and I am so glad that the ratty futon is FINALLY out of there....almost five years later!  I ended up getting a leather chaise lounge to replace it.
  • It was kinda wierd celebrating my birthday with the fam two weeks before the actual day, but whatever.  It was fun and the cupcakes that Hillary made were DELISH!
  • Despite all of the negative press that Flint has gotten and will continue to get, it was amazing to see the city come together for the Back To The Bricks car cruise this past weekend.  Over a period of four days, a few hundred thousand people came out!  What a beautiful sight to see and the cars were AWESOME!
  • Can you believe the month is just about over?!
  • NBA season is almost here!!
  • Bones season 6 starts in 29 days!
  • My nerd moment of the week: I picked up a copy of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and am in the middle of the Inferno.  I remembered why I loved reading it in high school.  The style of writing is amazing!  And to think that this book was written in the 13th!  I honestly could write a separate post about this, but I'll spare you.
  • We're over half way through the week...that should make anyone happy!  
  • Off to a wedding this uncle is getting married.  sniff, sniff

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