Thursday, September 16, 2010

To The Parents at the Library....

We need to talk!  Over the past year, I have made it a point to get as much of my writing done at the public library as possible.  Whether its to update my blog, write down a few thoughts or work on my book.  I come here because its quiet or at least its supposed to be.  While I'm here, I always have to listen to your children screaming at the top of their lungs.  This is on top of my music that is not exactly on the lowest setting.  
  • I should NOT be able to hear your kid over my music!  
  • I should NOT have to look up to see you standing next to your child while he/she is pretending that they aren't able to stand on their own because they are tired, hungry or just plain bored.  
  • I should not see you with this "I don't know why they are acting like that" look while whispering 'please don't embarrass Mommy at the library'.
  • I should not see your kids playing tag in the adult reading and work section!  (I swear one day, I'm just going to get fed up and trip one of those kids and walk away!  Okay maybe I won't, but you get what I'm saying.)
I know I am not the only one who feels like this when a child is screaming nonstop and the parent isn't doing anything to stop them.  While I was at the library on Wednesday working on blog post that I was super excited about, a child started making this awful screeching sound every couple minutes.   I was there for less than an hour because of the fact that it was getting ridiculous.  People were getting up and moving as far from the noise as possible.  Finally I got fed up and left.  On my way out, I passed the child with it's mom and she acted like this kid hadn't been making all of that noise!  REALLY?!

Look, before you tell me that I am being insensitive and that it's a public place; to get used to it, let me just say one thing.  Yes, it is a public library, BUT a library is often a place for people to study, get work done or to relax.  Here, people expect the distractions to be kept to a minimum.  Your kid screaming...a distraction.  I am not saying that you parents should not take your kids to the library, because I believe that a child should know that a library is a magical place.  What I am saying is that if your child is out of control, take them outside or home.  

Thanks for listening,

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