Friday, September 24, 2010

Bones Season 6 Premiere

For four months and two days, I waited patiently to see how the new season of Bones would start hoping like hell that I wouldn't be disappointed.  After spending the last 13 hours thinking about it, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. 

Story:  While Booth is Afghanistan doing his thing and Brennan in Indonesia, Cam is back in D.C. fighting with the media about a case regarding a missing boy.  The media assumes that the small body in her morgue is that of the missing boy, but she isn't certain and is very open about this.  When her job is threatened, Cam turns to Ms. Julian who calls up Booth, Bones, Hodgins and Angela (who were in Paris for the last seven months) to come home and help.  Turns out the body in the morgue was not the missing child, but a child who had died from accidentally swallowing a screw from his crib.  The mother and grandfather tried to revive the little boy, but when they failed, they buried him and didn't report the death to the authorities.  In North Korea, the authorities were feared and the two of them brought this fear to the States.  (Thanks to Ms. Julian, they were not charged for the death of the little boy.)  As for the missing boy, Booth and Bones found out that the father had an uncle take him...he was returned to his mother. 

To the more important part of the Show!

First off, let me start by saying that Ms. Julian is awesome!  She brought this team back together in order to save one of their own and wouldn't take no for an answer.  Under that tough exterior is a big heart.

Cam:  Her intentions were good when she told the media that she said that she couldn't positively ID the child's body on the table, because she couldn't.  Her team that she has come to depend on for these things for the past five plus years, were in other countries.  The 'replacement team' that she put together wasn't HER team.  "They weren't you guys" was the line she used in the show.  In my eyes, Cam was always the one to keep things running smoothly and was kind of this force of nature.  After seven months, she was still not afraid to call Bones out on her crap.  At the beginning, Cam corners her and tells her that her selfish act of going to Indonesia is what broke this team apart!  Wow!  After the case is solved, she thanked each and everyone of them for coming back and saving her job.

Angela and Hodgins:  I love them together!  Since Booth and Bones can't seem to get their acts together, we need at least one happy couple and these two seem to be it.  Angela and Hodgins got married toward the end of last season and went to Paris for their honeymoon since they didn't want to work with another forensic anthropologist or FBI agent.  Angela came back pregnant....A Show BABY!!!! 

Sweets and Daisy:  A Booth and Bones wannabe that has failed like our non-couple.  Daisy told Sweets that she needed to put her career first and go to Indonesia with Bones at the end of last season.  When she came back, she expected to pick up where they left off and Sweets wasn't having it.  I say, "Go Sweets!"  He couldn't just be her friend and that it was good bye after Booth told him to move on. Poor baby duck!  Now that they aren't together, Daisy will leave the Show?  Only time will tell.  One good thing about the time away is that our dear Sweets finally has facial hair and doesn't look like a 12 year old!

Now onto the real reason we all watch the Show! (Okay, not really.)

When Season five ended, we all hoped, but didn't hold our breath, that Bones would come to her senses and realize that she was in love with Booth.  That they should give the whole relationship thing a chance.  That maybe this love thing was real.  When they met up at the reflective pool on the mall by the coffee cart, it was like she expected things remain the same.  Unfortunately for her, Booth was serious last season when he told her that "things had to change" and that he "had to move on".  He went and fell in love with a reporter who is the total opposite of our favorite forensic anthropologist.  When he showed her the picture of "Hannah", I just shook my head.  She kinda reminds me of all the women, minus the marine biologist and Cam, that he has dated since the beginning of the show. 

Bones, you are an idiot!  I have yet to stop shaking my head.

There were moments where I wanted to shake Booth.  Booth, I don't blame you for moving on when you can't get what you want, but waving it in her face, not necessary.  I also am not sure how I feel about the advice he gave to Sweets.  Sweets and Daisy's relationship is different than he and Bones.  The young couple were actually in love and planned to be married.  Bones...still had yet to admit that she was in love with Booth.  Bones was running and Daisy was just following her mentor.  Daisy apologized, Bones didn't.  I don't think Sweets, for once, should have listened to the advice. 

Bones, maybe now you can get your act together.


  1. A-Hem! You did NOT wait "patiently" missy! That said, now I really do need to go watch this episode on Bones.

  2. Don't I get points for at least trying? LOL!