Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bones Chat

Dear Bones people,

We need to chat asap!  Compared to the previous five season, this season is only mediocre at best.  We knew Brennan lost her mind when she turned Booth down and understood when he said that he moved on last season.  What we didn't realize is that Brennan's god awful mistake would have a hand in destroying this season.  Because of her need to find herself, she went to Indonesia and he went to Afghanistan and met the new love of his life.  Yeah, Hannah seems nice and all and under difference circumstances, she and Brennan could be BFF's without it being awkward.  

We lost the post case drinks, cute looks between our favorite non couple and gained awkward moments, an extremely sappy Booth and an out of place Brennan.  Have they forgotten about Jasper, Ripley and Brainy Smurf?  Sigh

This season has been the hardest to watch.  Most of last weeks episode was muted because of the fact that I am not a fan of all the ridiculousness.  I'm not saying that the show should go back to how things were, but it should go back to how things were with the idea of moving forward.  

Good bye Hannah....

Good bye awkwardness....

Hello Booth and Brennan!  (Maybe....please?!)

From a slightly disappointed fan

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