Saturday, June 25, 2011

Giveaways and TV Shows...A Normal Saturday

Before I tell you what's going on, let me make a cool announcement! 

Katie and I in Chicago last year

My friend, KT Mac, who I met when I started working in the G's office years ago and like me, loves to travel, went to Scotland recently (lucky!) and has decided to share her trip with two lucky people who stop by her page. So go check out her pictures and let her know which one is your favorite.  Who might be one of the two lucky winners! 

The other night, I was thinking about the Bones Season finale for some reason when it hit me that Booth's coma dream/ Bones' book has almost come true.  At the end of the dream, Brennan tells Booth that she is pregnant. At the end of the finale, she tells him that she is pregnant with his child.  In both scenes, Booth gives her a very excited Boothy smile that makes us all smile.  I mean, how could you not?

The only thing that they have yet to do now is get married.  That would be really cute, but I don't think it'll happen and no, that is not me being pessimistic. Just realistic.  I mean, it would be nice, but with the way things have gone, its almost doubtful.

In other news, Castle's finale was also amazing.  Captain Montgomery is...gone and that was a low blow, because I thought he was pretty awesome.  Then Beckett gets shot and Castle admits that he loves her.  Whoa, wait what?  Why couldn't he have said that before? Like when she ditched the other cop or before he decided to get back with his ex wife?  I mean, there were plenty of chances, but whatever. Its out there now.  What does this mean for them now?  We'll see what happens in a couple months.

Done with my TV talk for now.  In less than 6 days from now, I will be in Pompano Beach on vacation in 90* weather.  Who wouldn't be happy about that?

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lives Erased

While I was eating lunch this afternoon, I read this article about the Tulsa race riots of 1921 where about 300 African Americans were killed and 8,000 more were left homeless.  The article says that like many other incidences during this era, this all started because a black man was accused of assaulting a white woman.  After this riot, the charges were dropped.  What's funny is that this never made it into the history books, much less the newspapers.  It was as if those lives didn't matter, don't count.  After failed lawsuits to compensate the survivors or to even recognize them, the Tulsa Public Schools will be adding this to their curriculum next year.  The memorial that was started for this may be forced to shut down due to their lack of funding.  

After reading this article, I couldn't help but wonder how the hell was this able to covered up for so long?  The oldest survivor is 108 and there are maybe 40 of them left.  So, what was the plan...wait for them to die, taking this tragic event with them?  I know that this isn't the only tragedy or racial "incident" that has been covered up in history, but come on!  Even people of power turned their heads to the incident after pointing their fingers at the black community for starting the whole thing.  What's crazy is that about three quarters of the Tulsa residents knew about this incident. 

Maybe, I'm making a bigger deal out of this than necessary, but this just shocked me a little bit.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


While I was out for drinks with a couple of the guys that I work with Friday night, it dawned on me that I really haven't given these people here a fair shake. I started out with this assumption that they would never compare to people I worked with at the Governor's Office and I wasn't wrong in that thought, but I didn't take into account that no two places will ever be the same.

Now that I have gotten comfortable with them and they with me, I have come to this conclusion that these people aren't so bad. They will never replace my EO peeps and that's okay, because they were never meant to. I like coming to work, knowing that some of them will get my sarcastic humor and not get offended, the fact that I can always count on a nerdy remark and a smile from at least one of the people around here or one of the ladies smart aleck comments on a phone call or a person that came to the counter. What I think I like even more is that I was accepted by most of the people here without question. That right there may be enough to put any other doubts that I may have to rest.

So, yes, my time with my EO family is done, but a new chapter in my life with the Township is just beginning. And that not a bad feeling at all.