Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change of Scenery

Last weekend, I went to Chicago to visit my friend Katie.  Until last Friday, I had never taken the train anywhere.  Yeah, it took about the same amount of time as it would to drive, but the people watching is priceless.  On the way there, I sat next to this guy who was reading a book about UFO's and housed oselots and snow leopards.  Odd and a part of me wanted to call him an idiot, but I didn't.  It's just not something I would do.  I had never been able to walk around Chicago without a plan and to me, that was wayyyyyyy more fun!  I was able to enjoy views like this!

Friday was mainly spent walking around Lincoln Park and catching up on gossip, which is ALWAYS fun!  Got a chance to check out the zoo, which was really cool!

Saturday, after having breakfast with her bf, Katie and I saw the movie, Red, which was really good and I would totally recommend it.  After that, we got a chance to check out Millennium Park....another place I had never gotten a chance to check out before.  

Yes, you could say that I was a total tourist and I would totally agree with you.  Is there something wrong with that? ;o)

Fast forwarding a little bit.  Later that night, we decided to check out this Blues joint not too far from her place and it was packed, so we got seats by the door.  Some people would complain about this, but I have to say, these were the best seats in the house.  Perfect place to people watch, especially when they don't realize that you're sitting there when they do something crazy.  The band playing was amazing!  

As usual, there were a few weirdos in the bunch.  A couple that we still laugh about today.  One was a blues brother wanna be who offered to buy us drinks, but seemed to drop it when we turned him down.  Another was some wanna be who was extremely drunk and wouldn't go away.  We'll call him Curly.  I honestly couldn't tell you what this clown was talking about, but even when we would turn to someone else and start talking, Curly was still going.  This old man topped the cake though!  He and his son, who was a spitting image of him, were extremely drunk.  He was a creeper to the utmost.  Every time one of us would look up, he would be looking in our direction.  At one point, Katie and I had to switch seats to see if that would help.  After a few rounds of drinks, she and I looked at each other and said we were done for the night!

After enough creepers tried to talk to us, this older lady who we had been talking to the whole night leaned over and said, "You two are NOT walking home by yourselves.  My husband and I are walking you home."  (A small side note: Her husband joined the band on stage to sing and as a harmonica player.  This guy killed it!)  We finally left right after we ran into the old creepy guy while we were waiting to use the restrooms.  So, yes, this couple walked us home.  We walked into her apartment laughing our butts off.  I woke up the next morning with almost no voice, but it was soooooo worth it!

There is no way we could make up a story like that!

A few more randoms for you.

 And I did!

Will I go back to visit again?  What a crazy question!

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