Friday, December 24, 2010

My gift to you....

So I was trying to figure what I should give my "dedicated" followers for Christmas when it hit me.  A small intro to a rough version of my second book.  When I was writing this, I loved it because a part of this is from my last trip to Chicago when I visited my friend, Katie.  Please know that the scene in the metro car really happened.

Jumping on the metro to meet up his partner for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Lincoln Park on their day off, Miles Jackson, a young African American homicide detective with the Chicago Area Police department, settled in a seat by the window and watched as the world around him passed by.  Chicago during the summer was probably his favorite time of year.  With all of the festivals, art shows and tourists, there was never a dull moment and that’s what kept him here.  Other than serving in the military, he had never lived outside of the Chicago area in all of his thirty four years.  In his mind, he wondered why anyone would ever leave when everything they could ever want was here.  If you were tired of one area of town, all one had to do was move on to another neighborhood.  No reason to leave the city, he thought to himself.

Once the metro car he was in went underground, he turned to look around the car that he was in at the other passengers as the music from his ipod served as a soundtrack to the ride.  The little girl with an older woman was squirming in her seat trying to get the woman to pay attention to her.  A group of teen-aged girls were in the seats by the doors gathered around a digital camera giggling before taking another picture of themselves.  A young man trying to start a conversation with a young woman around his age in a conversation to see what her favorite vegetables were and about the vegetarian lifestyle.  From what Miles could see, she had no interest in the topic and wished he would stop talking.  The older man sitting in front of him wearing tattered clothing and a bag matching his attire in the seat next to him was engaged in a heated conversation with himself.

Miles stood up to go stand by the doors to get off.  Once the doors opened, he pushed his way through the crowd of incoming passengers and ran down the stairs to walk that last few blocks to the restaurant.  He was a few doors away from his destination when he saw Devyn Williams, his work partner for the past year and half, coming from the other direction and waved.  When she saw him, she smiled and waved back.  A few moments, he opened the door for her and walked in after her.

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