Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One More Day....

After I saw the season finale of Bones on May 20th, I felt like someone had sucker punched me!  Booth and Bones were going their separate ways for a year to move on and possibly find themselves.  I, along with other Bones fans, would have to wait four months to see if Brennan came to her senses about how she feels about a certain FBI agent and if Booth would be willing to wait for our crazed forensic anthropologist.  In the spoilers and promos, it seems as though neither of these happened.  Regardless of all of this, we Bones fans still wonder if it will it happen this season?  Will Hart Hanson stop teasing us and make this duo hook up without hurting the show? 

Will there be more of this?

Will we finally see this outside of a dream?

Come on, Show!  We've waited patiently for SIX long years!  

Anyways, in less than 36 hours, the Bones Season 6 Premiere starts and please know that I will be sitting in front of that TV at 7:59 pm waiting for that episode to start!  Will you?

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