Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Impressed

I never thought I would ever admit this, but this season of Bones...not impressed!  The season opener was only mediocre and last weeks episode where Booth's new girlfriend, Hannah, was officially introduced to the show, wasn't too much better.  I think our non-couple may be the problem.  Last month, I was super excited to see how this season would go, but now that excitement has come to a screeching halt!  After years of watching this show, that has NEVER happened.  

Booth is supposedly "head over heels" in love with Hannah.  I feel like that may not really be the case.  I mean, think about it.  When Bones turned him down last season, Booth turned around and dated someone just like her.  When that didn't work, he turned around and went back to what he knew: a woman who were the opposite of Bones and blonde.  Whatever!  I know they say that she won't last either and there is a chance that these two will come to their senses, but gah!  He's happy, fine.  He needs to stop trying his hardest to push Bones into that direction when she is more than content in being alone.  (Okay, that was the frustration talking.)

Bones.  Well, she is just pissing me off!  Two episodes into the season and I want to reach through the TV and shake her!  Okay, yes, last week, she admitted that she dreamed of the possibility of she and Booth together to Sweets and Booth.  Maybe if this had happened LAST season, Hannah wouldn't be the one in bed with Booth last week.  SHE WOULD!  She has gotten so used to being alone and I guess I understand that, but come on!  This time that is kind of her fault.  I don't know.  Maybe, it's good that Hannah is around for Booth, since Bones is being a total idiot.

Another issue that I have with this show is that the guests this week are from the Jersey Show, which I have to say is a waste of airtime if you ask me.  They are bringing a classless show to Bones.  That sentence alone makes me wants to throw up, but once again, we have to trust the writers, right? 

Of all the season openers, I am going to have to say that CSI: Miami was better than most.  Maybe because it tugged slightly at the heartstrings with the death of a semi new character, a sigh of relief when one of the fan favorites didn't leave the show, and a sense of family at the end when the characters came together to support the others.  A little bit of action and Horatio Caine's one liners didn't hurt either. 

Will this feeling of disgust for my show go away?  I hope so.

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