Friday, January 28, 2011


Tonight's episode has warranted a blog post.  There has been a few decent Bones episodes this season, but tonight may have been the best.  No, it wasn't because Hannah didn't make an appearance, although that was kind of nice.


The Gravedigger is up for appeal and is on her way to the courthouse with Sweets.  While they were in the truck, she used this precious psychology against him and made him question his ability to do his job.  (Yeah, he's a baby to me, but I still like him and don't think he deserved that.)  Shortly after she got out of the truck, Taffet was shot down...her head exploded!!!  I have to admit that I jumped in my seat.  Don't tell me didn't!

Our team of crime fighters take on this case, despite how badly this woman/monster traumatized them over the years.  Hodgins is happy she's dead and Max is considered a suspect by Booth and Ms. Julian, who I love in this episode.  The Shooter is a sniper that Booth knows and we ended the episode a little unfinished in terms of the story.

Now for the Booth and Bones moments...I mean, isn't that the real reason we watch the show? 

I love that Max asked Angela, or Angel as he called her, if Booth and Bones were finally together.  Sorry, Max, but your retarded daughter messed that one up....didn't she tell you?  

The bathtub with a body and filled with! Talk about gross!

My favorite scene with them is the end where Booth is telling Max, Bones and Ms. Julian about his dealing with a sniper that he thought was responsible for killing the Gravedigger.  I have got to say that I really did miss their silent conversations.  When Bones was outside talking to her dad, Booth was still inside the diner looking out at her with the 'I'm in love with my partner' look that we originally saw in the second season.

Ps. That is sooooooooo not a guy hug!

Anyways, this episode kind of renewed my 'faith' in this show and reminded me of why I started watching in the first place. 

Next weeks episode looks amazingly great!  Check it out!

So my questions is: Does Booth love Brennan or Hannah?  We'll find out soon enough, I guess.

Very excited!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


**Warning, please know that what you're about to read is just my crazed opinion and should not be taken too seriously!**

So Mom and I were talking about the family trip coming up this summer and the price of airline tickets.  Now, last fall I remember people talking about the new changes in security screening protocols, but of course, I never really paid any attention because I wasn't flying anytime soon.  I do remember people flipping out about it shortly before I hopped on a train to Chicago.  

This is all besides the point...back to my conversation with Mom.  So, while we were talking, I googled the changes and oh my freaking goodness!  I guess I didn't realize first of all, that there were two options or that they were so intrusive!  So pretty much, in order to fly, you have two choices:
  • Risk sexual assault with a pat down or;
  • Have some creep check you out practically naked via X-ray machine
Hmmm, is none of the above an option?

I, personally, think this is out of control because you and I both know that there is going to be that one creeper who is going to take it too far.  

Am I a little late with this?  Um, yes!

Am I excited to have to deal with this in a few months?  Are you kidding me?!

*Shudder* Just thinking about it creeps me out!

I'm pretty sure I'll have a few things to say about this after my trip with the fam over the summer! ;o)

Friday, January 21, 2011

What if?

So I am working on Book #2 and loving every minute of it!  My mom suggested that I throw in a little twist to shake things up.  I have never been a huge sap, but I have always wondered this: What if my two strong-willed characters got together?

Would it work out or would they find that their job would make things too difficult?  Would they keep this little secret to themselves or would it slip?  And would this play a part in the story? (Last one, I promise!)

So yeah, I've really considered this possibility and am not hating it yet.  Maybe Mom had a point...this could actually be a good idea. What do you think?

Ps. I still have yet to name this one...Thoughts?