Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Reason to Hate Mondays?

After a week of writing almost everyday and getting a lot of work done, I think I have hit that god awful brick wall again.  Is it possible to write too much?  I'm starting to think it is.  Now that I'm home, I thought I would make it a point to head to the library and get a little writing done and after less than 3 pages, I found myself just sitting here with the pen floating over the page. 

Hmm...maybe now would be a good time to double check a few facts and get a few chapters typed up before I head home for the night. 

This is what my life has become! LOL

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Game

Earlier this evening, I went to a freshman girls basketball game (Arthur Hill High School vs. Flint Northwestern Prep Academy) in Flint with my cousin, Jazmone, to see her sister, Ravonna, who plays for Arthur Hill (A.H.).  You know, to be the supportive family members since she was not too far from Grand Blanc. 

First of all, $5 to get into a girls basketball game is slightly out of control when less than 50 people are in attendance, but whatever.  To have to go through a metal detector and have a couple cops from the Flint Police Department kind of threw me, but again, we were there to support Ravonna.

When we finally got to the gym, it was half time, which more or less consisted of random kids running around on the court and people trying to shoot the ball.  Okay, let me just say that at any other game, this wouldn't have happened.  People have a serious lack of respect when it comes to girls basketball and it's a crying shame.  Had it been a boys basketball game, people would have been thrown out for that crap!

When the game finally started, Jazmone and I were a little surprised by the lack of energy by Rae's team.  Northwestern was damn near ready to fight at one point and one girl had to be pulled away from the other team.  Seriously?!  My cousin got kicked in the back after being pushed onto the floor on one play, but I think that's just something that happens....right? This was A.H. first run in with trash talk and for that, I feel sorry for them.  After the game, I told Rae that that is going to happen and all the opponent is trying to do is mess with your head and throw you off your game.  In this case it worked.  Although, I will never completely understand why the girls from the other team were spitting, but whatever.

Rae's team ended up beating Northwestern on their turf, 50-42, which made me proud.  There were times that I wanted to be that awesome cousin who cheered loudly, but I really didn't feel like getting my ass kicked since that it was their school and I was the "visitor" who accidentally sat on the home side.  Despite the lack of aggressiveness, I really do think this young team will go on to do well.