Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is all this worth it?!

A friend of mine and I went to see the Julia Childs movie tonight and without realizing it, the movie gave my some hope and the courage to keep working on my book and even this blog. It was kinda nice to know that she had some of the same frustrations of wanting to make her book perfect and finding a publisher who would publish her cookbook. The young woman in the movie, Julie, taught me another lesson, despite her ridiculous melt downs and the fact that she was an alcoholic in the making. Some thought she wouldn't cook her way through Childs' book since she never finished anything that she started and had other responsibilities. Boy, did she shock them all in the end. What kept her going the whole time were the people around her telling her that she could do it and a blog that she wrote. For a while, she thought no one was reading her blog, except her closest friends and family. Also, I should mention that they both worked for government agencies. Kinda sounds a little familiar, doesn't it?

When I started my book over five years ago, I was told that I shouldn't waste my time on something that may not be worth reading or that I wasn't even going to finish it, much less let anyone of significance read it. To keep me focused once the book was originally finished, I thought a blog would help as I journey through the world of edits and the search for a publishing company that will publish my work, but have gotten to the point where I don't think people even want to read what I have to say. Enough to the point that I have asked myself if this damn thing is even worth my time.

After seeing this movie, I almost felt relieved to know that the thoughts that I go through on a daily basis is what everyone who wants something so badly feels. So maybe I'm not doing so bad and an 11:55pm movie was needed to remind me to keep the faith and keep on going against all odds. That this road will get a little rocky and when I fall, get back up and keep on keeping on.