Monday, July 25, 2011

Question of the Day

Out of all the conversations that could have stuck with me, it was this:  Can a place really change who you are and where you will end up?

Yesterday, at lunch, Mom and Dad were talking about moving back to Lansing in the next year or two since after Jazmone graduates from high school, there will really be nothing to keep them in Grand Blanc and in a way, they are right.  Dad commented that he kind of hated that they left Lansing in the first place.  Jay and Hillary joined the conversation, saying that it was Grand Blanc that help shape them as people.  Jazmone came later and adapted just as quickly as the other two.  Me, not so much.  Yes, Grand Blanc provided a few more opportunities that Waverly (Lansing) could have and allowed me to meet some interesting people, but to me, home was in Lansing.  (I'm sure my parent's would see this as a whiny post, but I'm okay with that.  This is my blog, so who cares.) 

So, I ask this: Is it possible for something so simple as moving to change how a person turns out even if the original place is still well to do?  If so, could it be that it forces the person to see what they need to work toward to fit in?  If this is this the case, I feel like this would force a person to conform to what society thinks is "right", losing that person that you really are? 

Or are you?

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