Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miami Observation

While we were waiting for our tour bus to arrive this morning at Bayside Marketplace this morning in downtown Miami, I got a chance to see something that we tend to miss out in the smaller cities.  I got a chance to watch Miami wake up.  It was like watching someone who wasn't a morning person slowly, but surely, wake up.  From watching the sun finish rising, the almost nonexistent traffic pick up, the cleaning people come through sweeping up the streets and sidewalks while others washed the windows and store/restaurant employees coming in and getting ready for their customers. 

In a big city, its sights like these that remind a person that even the big cities have their vulnerable moments, if it should even be called that.  It allowed me the opportunity to give the city another chance, since as we drove in this morning, all I could think about was how much I really wished we could get out of Miami as soon as possible.  Maybe, its not so bad.

Miami is like a non morning person....slow to wake up, but once they are, good luck keeping up with them.  A beautiful sight, I must say. 

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