Friday, July 8, 2011

Detroit, Detroit

Remember those days when the end of a trip was damn near dreaded?  When did that change?  I find it more than a little amusing considering the fact that just last week, I was counting down the hours until vacation began.  Now, I'm can't wait until I can sleep in my own bed, not worry about how long I take in the shower or worry about whether or not I am going to oversleep this weekend.  Call me crazy, but you and I both know its true.

I will, though, miss some of the Florida sights, like....

The view from my bedroom window

Hard Rock Cafe in Miami

Miami Skyline
And one of my fave's!
It was on the wall in the lobby, rather than the bathroom this time

Time to get back in to the usual routines and back to work on Monday.

Did I have fun?  Sure...just wish it hadn't rained so much.  I do want to go back and spend somemore time in Key West, since it was pretty much amazing.  Somewhere new next year!

Time to get on this plane...See you in Detroit in a few hours!

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