Saturday, July 2, 2011

Airplane Thoughts

As I’m sitting here on a flight to Fort Lauderdale to start my highly anticipated vacation, I can’t help but look around me, as I always do when I travel, and wonder where each person is going and where they are really coming from. Yeah, we all flew out of Detroit, but could that have just been as a stop in their travels or their final destination, much like mine? Are they traveling for business or pleasure? Could they be trying to leave a situation for a change of scenery?

What has driven this person to pick their final travel spot if it were for vacation? Could it be a girls/boys weekend or family trip? I have always wondered this. I guess it goes along with trying to figure out what makes a person tick. Or the fact that I have to determine how to deal with a person when they come to my counter at work.

A.D.D. moment coming up!

Then leave it to me to be even more distracted by how amazing the view of the earth from ten thousand feet. It reminds me of why I love to travel. I was once told that some people see traveling as a waste of time and money. No offense, but I find this way of thinking almost appalling because it just shows how closed minded they really are. These people have no idea what they are missing. They are missing sights like this and the opportunity to deal with other cultures that aren’t always available at home. I mean, just being able to look out of the window at the clouds below the wings of the plane. It’s like looking at the world through a crystal ball that can’t be used to predict the future. I guess I’ll never understand that way of thinking, but maybe that’s okay.

Back to our scheduled program.

(Flying in the middle of a cloud as I write this.)

Random facts for you:

  • Somehow, I made it over two months at the new gig. Yes, Ms. Pyscho Hypochondriac is driving me crazy, but I am not going to let her get to me. I was told yesterday by someone I worked with that they hoped that I didn’t get sick of her crap, pack up and leave like so many have before me. Since I actually don’t mind what I do and like the people I work with day in and day out, there is no way I am going to allow her to scare me off. I’ve dealt with worse, so bring it on!
  • Watching Matt Damon’s "new" movie and I’ve got to say, it reminds me of all the Jason Bourne movies. I really want to say, ‘Guy, pick a new role…Bourne is getting old!’ but I can’t.
  • Where did the year go?
  • Took a break from writing for a while, but it looks like my break is over since Miles and Devyn have been on my mind a lot lately. I’m still wondering if it would work out if they actually got together because of what they do.

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