Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Yes, children, today is definitely a Monday!  I figured I would say a few things while I was waiting for the apartment people, who are already at least 30 minutes late, to show up and check out my apartment. 
  • It's got to be the day, the weather and the mini move that has really killed my patience.  Right before I spilled hot water on  myself, I glared at anyone who tried to talk to me!  Maybe I should wear a sign that says, "Please don't talk to me until AFTER I get some caffeine in my system!"  Still, I don't think it would work....people would ask why, like a 3 year old until you give them an answer that would satisfy their curiosity. 
  • I found out that my youngest uncle is getting married at the end of the month....which is kind of exciting! 
  •  What is stopping me from taking the rest of the afternoon off and sleeping? 
  • I really do think my apartment complex forgot about this appointment.
  • Am I selfish for not wanting to share my birthday celebration with other family members?
  • Speaking of birthdays, what should I do for it this year?

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