Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

 I know that I am a little late in posting this, but yesterday was insane!

You know, when I started this post yesterday, I expected to write about how my family works and no matter how different family members feel about the traditions changing, the need to be together don't.  (Although it is a beautiful thing!)  Then I considered venting about how my holiday was stolen from me, but I thought better of it.  So I thought today would be a list of randoms from this past weekend! 
  • Could anything be better than a three and half day weekend? (Maybe four, but I say take what you can get!)
  • The weekend was insanely hot, but after the winter we had this year, we deserve it
  • Really glad that most of the families in my parent's neighborhood were gone, because there were large gatherings three nights in a row!
  • Got to see most of the family throughout the weekend and believe me, that does NOT happen very often!
  • Most of the family wanted to spend the holiday at Bay City Park, but Mom put her foot down and said no.  In response to this, my Uncle Dave said, "Well, if you don't want to go there, then we'll bring the party to you!" And let me just tell you, they did!  HA!
  • I hate shopping, but I actually had fun with the siblings over the weekend.
  • Spent more time in the sun than I have in a while and a nice tan to show for it! ;o)
  • Less than 10 days until vacation! :o)
  • Short week this week!! 

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