Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Continental Airlines

Oh Continental, you and I need to have a chat!  For the second time during this trip, you have found a way to stop me from getting to where I need to be.  A 3+ hour delay from Houston to San Juan was a serious pain and caused us to lose a rental car, but completely canceling our flight for a storm that didn't really happen?!  Come on!!!!  Oh and the fact that you acted like you were doing us a favor when you put us on another flight that didn't leave until tomorrow morning and "couldn't" put us up in a hotel because it was weather related.  Okay, there is something sooooo wrong with this picture!

So, let me just say this now: unless it's my only option, I will NOT be using Continental Airlines!  It was a total disappointment and made me love Delta Airlines even more.

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