Friday, July 16, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

So the past 48 hours didn't go as well as we had planned.  The first leg of the flight went perfectly....we arrived in Houston on time and everything!  That's when everything went to hell!
  • Our flight was delayed...FOUR TIMES!!!!
  • We lost our rental car due to the flight delays...the car rental place closed at midnight and we got to San Juan at 12:20 am!
  • We were originally scheduled to arrive in San Juan at 9:22...need I say more?!
  • After the woman, whose house we are renting, dropped off our keys at the airport, we managed to find a taxi sometime after 1:30
  • An hour and $100 later, in the middle of an insane thunderstorm, we arrived at our rental house and can I say that I don't think anyone was really impressed! 
  • There were bloodstains on my sheets, so I slept on top of all my blankets and somehow fell asleep in a storm that lasted until 10 something this morning!
  • Still without a car and in between thunderstorms, Mom and I ran to Wal-Greens for water and stuff while Jay and Hill went to Quiznos for breakfast/lunch.  Let's just say that we didn't make it a block from the house before it started pouring!
  • When we all went to take a shower, there were no wash clothes and one bar of soap for seven people to share!!
  • While Hillary, Tim, Jay, and Jazmone were out playing in the water, Hillary slipped and fell on some coral! 
  • All within 24 hours!
The way I see it, things will get better!  Time to enjoy my vacation!! 

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