Friday, April 30, 2010

Side Note...

I couldn't go to bed without getting this out.

I know I said that I was glad that Bones turned Booth down a few weeks ago when he asked begged her to give them a chance, but I didn't, for some reason, think things would get this awkward.  I understand that they both had to move on, but come on!  She is a wreck without showing it!  The subtle hints of jealousy were extremely obvious when she kept bringing up Catherine, Booth's new whatever, to him and other people she works with.  We all know she is just with Andrew, Booth's boss who makes me want to vomit every time I see him, just to say that she is with someone.  She has even said it herself...he's only temporary!

How about she get it together and kick that barf inducing temp to the curb and move on to Booth (right after he dumps the chick he's with)?  Then things wouldn't be as awkward as they are now!

Also, it's about damn time that Cam finally has a guy on this show other than Booth or some cheating scumbag!  I totally loved the scene where her "daughter", Michelle, totally calls her out! Ha!

Is anyone else as excited to see Angela and Hodgins get back together as I am?!

Okay, I'm done! 


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