Saturday, May 1, 2010

Made Me Smile Today

This has been an extremely long week for me, but I think that's what expected when you grow up.  A serious lack of sleep and constantly worrying what the next day will be bring can take a lot out of a person.  It makes you really appreciate the little things.  Like:
  • The soothing smell and sound of rain
  • Driving without a destination with the window down and radio blaring
  • Walking through a bookstore and the feel of spines under my fingertips and the smell of a brand new or used book floating through the air
  • Sitting out on the balcony in complete silence
  • Watching a crappy movie without judgment
  • Waking up at 11:00 and remembering that it's finally Saturday and I don't have to get out of bed if I don't want to

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