Thursday, April 8, 2010


WARNING! If you haven't seen the last episode, please go watch it before you read this.  Thanks! :) 

As we all know, I have a SLIGHT obsession with the show called Bones, which I will refer to as The Show from here on out. My mission up to now has been to turn my friends into fans of the show so that on Friday morning, I can talk about the Show and not sound like a complete and total nerd.

As usual, tonight, the Show has let me down, but at the same time, it didn't. For the past FIVE years, the Show lovers have been teased time and time again with whether Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) will or will not get together. Everything in their behavior says that they should and will, but WHEN?!

In tonight's episode, loyal fans were rewarded (if you want to call it that) with the Show's history. Bones and Booth ALMOST slept together, but didn't. Then at the end, Booth FINALLY tells Bones that he is in love with her and kisses her, but of course, it doesn't work out the way we as fans or even Booth hope. Bones' experience as an abandoned child comes into play and she doesn't believe that he could love her in 30, 40 years.

DAMMIT BONES!!! (Sorry about that!!)

Okay, so I get her point of view on the whole "Could you really love me in 30, 40 years? thing", the fact that her whole family walked out on her and the fact that anyone that she gives a chance to, disappoints her. I understand that, BUT, come on!! It's freaking Booth we are talking about here! Has he disappointed you YET?! Well, maybe in the first case, when you two were acting like children, but there are two sides to the story.

This man has cancelled dates to be with her, looked beyond the fact that her family is TOTALLY screwed up, brought her into the world of the living and created a family for her. Am I missing something?! Bones, Booth is your freaking soulmate!


Booth, as good as his intentions were in the end, he wasn't completely perfect either.  Yes, Bones has gotten to the point where she understands the concept of love and all that crap, but you can't give her a freaking ultimatum, man!  This is Bones we're talking about here!  She needs evidence and even the thought of him walking away would kill her and lose all faith, if you want to call it that, in humanity. I mean, think back to his coma dream where they were married and even then, she needed proof.  Of all people, he should know that!

Dear Show, are you trying to kill me?!  I mean really! 

Okay, moving on.

There is a reason we all love Sweets, the baby psychologist with the seriously annoying fiance.  (Side note: their relationship reminds me of what Booth and Bones relationship COULD be!  Just a thought.)  He writes this book on the partners relationship and how, despite the fact that they shouldn't be compatible, are and his conclusion is that our dear "non couple" are in love with each other.  (Well, DUH!!!) While they are telling the story of their first case together, he has this look like "Are you freaking kidding me?!  How do they not see it?"  (Yes, dear Sweets, we have been asking the same question for years!)  At several points, I thought he was going to either scream, pull out his hair or walk out of the office completely out of frustration.  Poor baby duck!

Screw that!  Poor Booth and Bones! (Yes, I am back here again!)

Show, I love you....I really do, but dammit!  But this "will they or won't they" thing is going to drive me IN-FREAKING- SANE!

I think I might be done venting....I think!

On the other hand, the Show was absolutely amazing tonight!  It was nice to see how everything started.  How Zach was extremely clueless and not assisting a cannibalistic serial killer that tried to kill our favorite "non couple" or that Hodgins was insanely angry at everyone around him until Angela came into the picture.  How Angela became the "link to the human world" that the lab so desperately needed.  How Cam shows up and I didn't hate her.  It probably helped that she wasn't trying to get it on with Booth. (Yes, I am saying that he belongs with Bones, whether she sees it or not!)  Also, it was nice that the Show showed how Booth and Bones had grown up from their moments of "I hate you" to "There is more than one kind of family".  Caroline, before we see how puckish she can be, was a force not to be reckoned with even then!

Note: This has been said time and time again and I can't help but agree.  If Booth and Bones got together right now, what would we have to look forward to?  Would the Show lovers have a reason to tune in week after week or follow Bones blogs?  Maybe we should keep this fantasy of them getting together and being happily ever after in our heads or in fan fics.  (I know this is a total 180 from what I said before, but I was venting and don't tell me that you weren't right there with me screaming at the TV screen at the end!)

Let me know what you thought of this episode.  Maybe my next post will be a bit more constructive....Sorry!

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  1. Hahaa! Oh Tiff..this post was like a gift, a deeper look into that head of yours. I realize you are obsessed with this show (and could call you a dork to the n'th degree right now), but what I love about this post is that you seemed to glean so much more out of this episode than I did. I saw it more face value, whereas you've factored in how much Booth has changed Bones for the better, etc. Too cute!!

    I agree it was bull. But I also agree that if they were to get together now, they wouldn't get to 150 episodes. I have a feeling Booth will start dating and then Bones won't like it ONE BIT and she'll come around...slowly. She's pretty stupid for a brilliant person. ;o)