Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Book Tidbits

I know that its been a while since I have posted anything related to my book.  It's still a work in progress, I promise!
  • My main character's partner, Miles, is a total mama's boy....not sure why I find this amusing, but I do. 
  • I guess Devyn would be considered a daddy's girl to some people at first glance.  I don't think that would really be the case.  This book just focus's more on their relationship more because of his murder.
  • Should the latest intended victim be surprised to learn that she was next on William Carson's list?  Or should she dismiss the idea?  Kinda torn between the two.  Tell me what you think....PLEASE!!!
  • I, personally, hated this mystery person when I was writing the character, but they are the last link, so I am biting the bullet and keeping them in the story.  
  • I did enjoy writing the scene earlier in the book when ...wait!  Can't tell you...sorry!  That would be giving away too much! ;o)
  • And yes, I am having a slight writers block on this part
  • I think I might even hate this person as much as I do Booth's new girlfriend on Bones! Gag
  • I couldn't resist!
  • The closer I get to finishing the second half of my book, the more I'm seriously consider throwing out the last bit of the end chapter. Right now, its kinda sad, but hopeful.  Just a thought.  I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  • It's almost Friday! 
  • Note: Crap!  I totally gave a small detail away that I didn't intend to. Sigh!

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