Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Frustrating!

  • This past week has been one extremely crazy roller coaster and please know that I was NOT a willing participant. 
  • Last weekend, after spending time with my family, I came home and got a ton of writing done.  For the first time in a while, I was actually satisfied with what was in front of me, so I called it a day.  The next day, I found this in place of it: 
—ŽXäÜÈCUìõ¯Û­Âˤz­Xĉ‑åÝ×ܧEÊ€“/w�^n—wZ\K"…)!I:Å]w–Š•û™Ðír®aw#"£=ú>]¨v¡kó–VFª¿mÛr âÍ­vÍ/˜xÄ¡                nÿó‚pÎäëtË=,J
¹jíXAJ‘“òÇæÇ6õaÁh«;ú3Génf¦c؇{ʼn�ZÍyDB„O©=:ÓzâGe…�k‚5åÅ.ÞbjbZXìΠ ¢©‘MB^žEVâ*Ç3RÁNäbwUv£uû÷'^¿º÷ç/î„.ó¥Ö
©iŒj7) «Rß-y»V¶›s’¯ëv¹jRµuWµ~Ÿ«Š<ÉH!&toKEÑUêÞ7蛜ómÑà+Ÿ*›Z#

  • Yes, this is what I found!  I wanted to cry!  I mean, it took everything in me not to throw my computer out of the window and take a hammer to my flash drive.  But I didn't.... Aren't you proud?!
  • Either way, I couldn't look at my computer for a few days.
  • This afternoon, I have no idea what happened, but I copied and pasted everything into Google Docs and MOST of the work I had done showed up!!!!
  • So Google Docs, you ROCK!
  • Moving on, I have finished, what I think is, one of the hardest scenes.  It's where the main character finds out who the "bad guy" really is and....wait!  I can't say anymore. 
  • Can you tell I'm extremely happy right now?!

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