Friday, May 21, 2010

Season Finales

This week was tough for me as far as TV shows go.  First, Rob Lowe's character was killed off on Brothers and Sisters after his wife finally beats cancer!  SERIOUSLY?!  Come on!  Then, Monday on Castle, Kate Beckett FINALLY ditches her almost perfect person to see if things would work out with Richard Castle, the 10 year old on a sugar high aka a very popular mystery writer.  What does this idiot do?! He brings his ex-wife back into the picture to spend the summer with him at his house in the Hamptons in front of HER PEOPLE!  Moron!  Again, this I can get over...I think!

I still have a few more shows to hang on to, but it was Thursday that really got me.
Bones....There were two scenes that really got me.  Booth and Bones were sitting on a park bench with their coffee and she is telling him about this amazing opportunity somewhere far, far away for a year and wants to know how he would feel if she went.  Five years ago, she wouldn't give a damn what he thought....she would have packed her bags and disappeared.  He tells her that he will go back to the Army for a year to train some new soldiers in Afghanistan.  Its only a year, they say!  Maybe in that year, you, meaning Bones, will get over herself, but whatever.  The look on their faces here got me and I almost hated it. (Not really, but you get the point!)  At the end, Booth leaves that base that he is at to say good bye to Bones at the airport before they are officially separated for a year.  I have to admit, I did get a little choked up at this part.  They even picked a spot to meet up at a year "from now"!  They didn't hug or kiss, but I think the look that they gave each other and holding hands held more value that anything else.  Again, five years ago, wouldn't have happened! Bones is finally getting it.  Booth is her person and vice versa....It only took five freaking years! Sigh

Okay, let me take you children to school.  Bones "originally" started in an airport five years ago when Bones was coming back from some anthropological dig and Booth pulled some strings so that he was the one to pick her up.  These two hated each other, but she was not about to let him out into the field and leave her in the lab if she was going to be helping out on murder cases.  Five years later, things "end" in an airport, she is getting away from murders and he is going back into the Army to serve his country.  Season Six, hurry up and get here!  I want to see if they are really going meet up at their "spot"!  Besides, I don't know what I am going to do without this show for four and half months!!

Grey's was another one that I just, I don't know...It was intense.  Let's just say that.  I read this post written by the writer of Grey's and I was floored.  I think as followers, we often forget about how the show might affect the writers.  If we are screaming bloody murder when the gunman, who is walking around the hospital, grabs Dr. Bailey's leg and drags her out from under the bed, how are the writers reacting?  Are they losing sleep and crying nonstop out of frustration.  Are they telling themselves that there is no way that they will allow the most grounded person on the show be wounded, like we saw Alex Karev or Derek Shepard?  What about when Meredith realized she was pregnant?  I know I was happy...a Mcbaby!  What about when she miscarried right after she thought that Derek died (which he didn't, thanks to Christina) and she was dealing with Owen and his gun shot wound?  I almost cried for her there.  What about when Christina told Owen that they were done?  If we feel so close to these characters after six years, how do you think Shonda Rhimes, the writer feels?  

I will be the first to admit that I was a late comer to the Grey's party, but have been a fan since.  Not like Bones, but a fan.  Yeah, this was a sad finale, even more than when they lost O'Malley and almost lost Izzy, but it was definitely their best.  These two episodes showed how much each character has grown and changed for the better.  For once, even words couldn't completely describe how I felt about this episode, but I promise it was only positive!  So kudos and congrats to Shonda Rhimes for a a kick ass episode! 

For these lifelines, see you in the Fall and Fall, please hurry!!

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