Monday, September 19, 2011

Same Words, Different Voice

While I was getting ready for work this morning, the article about MI's new governor pushing for a healthier Michigan popped in my head and like I had when I read the article last week, I shook my head.  Careful not to drop the scorching hot curling iron on myself, mind you.  I shake my head at everything and everyone, but this was a little different.  This was a "Are you freaking kidding me?" kind of head shake.  People who know me know which one I'm talking about.

Let me just say this: I hate politics because most of these people in office are really in it for the name recognition and perks, rather than representing the people who elected them or to make the changes that they claimed that they would fight for when they were elected.  Mind you, I said "most" not all, because there are some who really do want to make a difference and those are the ones who I have some serious respect for.  I mean, I worked for one for over five years. 

Back to the point here.

So, in this article, Governor Snyder was speaking at an event in Grand Rapids last week about making it so that Michigan was healthier and how the state needs to pay more attention to what we are feeding the children.  How Michigan is the 8th in the nation as far as obesity problems.  Then he turns around and announces to the crowd that he needs to lose a few pounds himself since he is considered overweight. 

Raising hand

If I remember correctly, Governor Granholm, his predecessor, tried to push the same thing while she was in office.  She tried to lead by example by biking to work, running across the Mackinac Bridge with the citizens of this state every year, promoting a healthier lifestyle, but yet, this was ignored.  Oh, but let this new governor say the same thing and it's okay.  It is accepted.  I guess I don't quite understand the difference. 

Could it be that it is easier for people to listen to the same message a second time by a different voice or by someone who will be going through the same struggles as the public?

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