Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hate To Cook, But Love To Eat

I have said the following to family and friends:

I can cook, but hate to...It has to be done because I love to eat! is going to be the reason why I will be gaining the 15 lbs that I avoided during my freshman year of college (mainly since I opted to live with the 'rents during this time) because I'm always finding a new recipe that I want to try.  

Oddly enough though, my latest cravings had nothing to do with the site... this time!

For the main dish, I made smothered enchiladas since I was craving Mexican food...I think it turned out okay.  I will say that when I make this again, I will probably cut down on the cream of chicken soup and use a spicier taco seasoning.  For me, its perfect though, because it's one of those dishes that can be taken for lunch.  Overall, I wasn't totally impressed by this one.

Note: As most food, these are soooooo much better the second day!

Back story: I was at a friends house for a random get together weeks ago and the roommate made some mint chocolate chip cookies that were out of this world.  Needless to say, I have been craving them ever since.  

So now that the holiday is over and Christmas is weeks away, I figured today was a good time as any to try the two recipes.  

I really could have stopped right here!

Finished product...These may not last very long
All in all, Enchiladas... nothing too exciting, but the mint chocolate chip cookies were amazing!

Have a great week!

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