Sunday, December 16, 2012

Food Updates...

After listening to conspiracy theories over dinner and spending the day with family, I thought this would be a good way to end the day, before getting ready for the week.

So I have slowly started writing again, mainly because those characters (or voices...whichever you want to call it) wouldn't let me go too long without putting their words on paper.  I'm still not eating and breathing their story as I was before, but I'm getting there.

For now, Pinterest has taken up a lot of my time and my stomach as well as my sweet tooth is thanking me for that.  Since I had a little extra time on my hand this weekend, I decided to try a couple new dishes and make a new favorite.

Last night, I made beef ravioli with garlic butter sauce...not a fan really.  I don't know if it was how light the butter sauce was (or should I say nonexistent) or the overwhelming amount of garlic that the recipe called for, despite the fact that I opted not to use as much as the recipe called for.  Either way, I wasn't a fan.  I won't make it again.

Tonight, I wanted to try oven toasted ravioli, which is a super easy appetizer or light meal, and was super easy. And delicious! After making the lasagna rolls, I became a fan of marinara sauce, but I opted to use spicy marinara sauce, adding the extra kick.  Thumbs up for this one.

To top off the weekend, I made tortellini and spinach soup, a great soup on a cold rainy day.

Another thing that I got a chance to do was check out the movie, Lincoln, which turned out to be a great movie.  For anyone who likes history, it is worth the 2.5 hours.  The movie was more or less about Lincoln's second term and the 13th amendment, as well as the controversy surrounding it.  The ending was a little heartbreaking, but great.  Reminds me of our president...made him a little more human in my eyes.  

Have a great week!

Ps. I need to try pineapple sangria and cheesecake cookies very soon!  I'm thinking the cookies may be a Christmas thing...we'll see.

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