Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cooking again...

I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything...I'll explain more later. is going to be the death of me...its the most distracting thing EVER!  (I'm just waiting for the day when I go into work and this site will be blocked.)  The pictures and ideas that are posted are enough, but then I found the food section.  

Moving on...

So I set aside three recipes that I wanted to try or make the first time in years.  One (tortellini and spinach soup) didn't make it since I didn't have the tortellini...oops!

The french breakfast muffins reminded me of when my mom used to make them and figured it would be good to try.  Luckily for me, they turned out for me NOT to eat all of them tonight.

The other recipe that I tried were portobello pizza bites.  This was a new one for me since I have only had only had a small bite of a portobello mushroom before this and have never tried a recipe with it, so this one was a little weird for me.  Since I was so iffy about it, I opted for the mini 'bellas and originally made two of them.  When they finished, the water from the mushrooms were draining out and made me wonder if I burned  the bottoms because of the smell.  I didn't!

It doesn't look great, I know...
They turned out so well, that I made a third one.  What I like about these mushrooms is that they are filling and has the texture of meat...great for vegetarians.  Well, minus the turkey pepperoni.  Even the turkey pepperoni surprised actually tasted better than the usual pepperoni.  

Would I makes either of these again? Yes, I would!  

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