Sunday, January 10, 2010

Writer's block ... is simply a failure of ego

  • Norman Mailer said this
  • Believe me, it is real!  

  • I was asked a couple times this week how my book was going and I was able to say that I went through and cleaned up small chunks, but its not complete.  In my mind, I know that there are parts that don't make sense, but every time that I try to figure out how best to "write" the wrong, I hit the rhetorical brick wall.

  • Can I just say that it sucks?!  The "I was just too lazy today to get any writing done" excuse only works for so long.  Especially when one of my goals this year is to self publish this book!


  1. Well, quit being lazy or I'll come make sure you get your writing done! ;)

    In all seriousness, did you try writing in someplace new? It might help spark your creativity.

  2. I'm not being lazy...I promise! lol

    And you're probably right...I probably just need to find another place to write.