Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Man in the Picture

  • Totally sounds like a title for an episode of Bones!

Don't even act surprised!

  • Last week, I mentioned going through a bunch of stuff that I had written for the fun of it.  Here is one that I really liked.
The room was dark and gloomy with squeaky floorboards.  The curtains were black and looked heavier than the tall, skeleton-like man in the shadows.  If it had been bright and sunny outside, no one would have known because the curtains blocked out all possible light.  After a while, we noticed the man in the far corner.  He wore a black suit with a matching black tie.  His shoes looked as if they had just been polished.  His face was set in a frown and looked as though he had never set foot outside a day in his life.  We stared at him, while he stared back at us for a full minute, but man never moved, for he was only a picture!

  • Seems so much shorter when it's been typed. 

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  1. LOL -- this definitely sounds like the start of a Bones episode.