Monday, November 16, 2009

Back To Work

What started out as a month long break from my book turned into nearly four months and running.  Yesterday, I went to church with my family and my dad's older brother asked me how my book was coming along and I was slightly stunned by this.  Partially from the fact that he actually remembered it and that I had not worked on it for so long.  He told me that he had told a few of his friends about it and they would actually buy a copy of it when it was done! Seriously?!

What a great thing to hear when I was already trying to push myself to get back to work.

Anyways, last night after my family went home to work on their new rental house, I sat down and went to work reading over what I had written and rewritten.  Maybe my extended time off was for the best.  I noticed mistakes that I didn't catch over the summer that were kind of embarrassing.  I was only able to finish reading half of it, but its kind of nice to go back and read it with a fresh pair of eyes.  No one said writing a book would be easy.

Back to Work! :o)

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