Sunday, April 22, 2012

Metta World Peace...

As a Detroit Pistons fan, it is ingrained in me to HATE Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace because of the Pistons-Pacers 2004 brawl at the Palace.  Even more so now that he plays for the LA Lakers.

Today, I can't help but want to switch sides and defend him like a Lakers fan. As I sat down to finish watching the end of the first half of the Lakers-Thunder game with the siblings. The first thing that I saw was a replay of Metta World Peace celebrating a huge play. In the process, he elbowed a player from the other team in the head.

The referee's hit him with a flagrant foul 2 and had him ejected. With that type of foul, not only is the player ejected, they are suspended.

Was the call too harsh?  Absolutely!  I say this mainly because it was unintentional.

Ron Artest has the worst history of anger issues and I can't help but wonder this: How long should we hold this against him if he is trying to change his image?

Had this been anyone else, they would have been hit with a technical foul and the game would have continued.

Ron Artest is pure muscle and is an extremely emotional player, so much so that he has gotten professional help. When you have a strong man like that all riled up, things are going to happen. Do I think he was at fault? Not completely.

As much as I HATE the Lakers, I actually feel sorry for them because he really is a talented player.  Yes, it sucks that the other player may have been hurt, but the league may have come down a little too hard on Metta. My brother, who is sadly an LA Lakers fan, and I were talking about the foul and he brought up a fair point. Ron Artest, body and physical style of play, is in the wrong playing era. This man should have played during the 70's to the very early 90's when the refs would just let the teams play without calling could every few seconds.

What do you think?

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