Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Randoms

In the past week or two, I have started a few different blog posts, thinking that I would post them later.  As you can see none of them have made it on here unfortunately.  So here is a quick update on the life of Shareece:

  • Decided to visit Chicago next month during the long weekend, thanks to Veterans Day
  • Read an article about men pole dancing for sport.  Yes, you read that right....pole dancing!  These guys now have their own competitions now.  Like most people, I find this just a little disturbing.
  • I'm thinking that my mini writing break may be over.  After Thanksgiving, I'm thinking about taking a weekend, closing myself up in a room and work on my second book.  We'll see how that goes.
  • I have totally slacked off on trying a new dish every week or so.  Hell, I've slacked off on my no meat during the week rule for myself.  Last week, I was terrible and now, it's time to get back on track
  • Slowly but surely, I've been taking more time for myself and I think that it's beginning to show with the people who call me impatient and find it hard to deal with me.
Out of all the blog posts that I started, but didn't pos

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