Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Ramblings

There was a time when I would post something on a regular basis, but not recently...I have really slacked off. Right now, my life consists of vacation research, writing and deciding if I really want to deal with real people. Okay, maybe not the last one.

~ I really do feel bad for putting my characters in the situations that I do, but it usually makes for a really good story.

~ The villain in my first book was hard to write, but this new one is even harder. This guy is someone that I would never want to piss off and later run into by myself in a dark alley.

~ I jumped ahead and wrote the ending. I like it, but I think something might be missing. How do you think it should end?

~ This villain is insane! (I had this sudden urge to mention that again)

~ These characters are so exhausting!

~ The research for this book has been insane and I'm pretty sure looking up different types of bombs is probably frowned upon or what types of injuries a person can suffer from. You should have seen the look on my parents face when I asked about the injuries. Lol

~ Skipping a day of writing is almost not even allowed. It's like these characters want their story told, no matter the cost.

~ I think I may need a new writing spot or at least a second option.

I know this is a lot of rambling, but this is nothing compared to the thoughts swirling around my head!

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