Thursday, January 27, 2011


**Warning, please know that what you're about to read is just my crazed opinion and should not be taken too seriously!**

So Mom and I were talking about the family trip coming up this summer and the price of airline tickets.  Now, last fall I remember people talking about the new changes in security screening protocols, but of course, I never really paid any attention because I wasn't flying anytime soon.  I do remember people flipping out about it shortly before I hopped on a train to Chicago.  

This is all besides the point...back to my conversation with Mom.  So, while we were talking, I googled the changes and oh my freaking goodness!  I guess I didn't realize first of all, that there were two options or that they were so intrusive!  So pretty much, in order to fly, you have two choices:
  • Risk sexual assault with a pat down or;
  • Have some creep check you out practically naked via X-ray machine
Hmmm, is none of the above an option?

I, personally, think this is out of control because you and I both know that there is going to be that one creeper who is going to take it too far.  

Am I a little late with this?  Um, yes!

Am I excited to have to deal with this in a few months?  Are you kidding me?!

*Shudder* Just thinking about it creeps me out!

I'm pretty sure I'll have a few things to say about this after my trip with the fam over the summer! ;o)

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