Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Words!

As we all know, I am insanely in love with this crazy sport that we call basketball.  I mean everything about it!  The screeching of the shoes on the waxed floor as plays are being made, the yelling between players reminding their teammates that they are open, the look of determination in the players eyes, the swishing sound the net makes.  I could go on for days, but I won't.  

There is a reason for me bringing up all of this.

Right now, the NBA Finals are on and Boston Celtics and LA Lakers are going head to head.  This is the 12th time that these teams have met up in the Finals.  When these two teams met up in 2008, the Celtics had something to prove since they had the best record in the league that year and hadn't been in the Finals in years.  The Lakers, or should I say Kobe, had a point to make.  They could take home the championship trophy without Shaq.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  Boston shut down Kobe and his Lakers and went on to become the NBA Champs.  In my opinion, they deserved it.  

Sunday, the two teams met up for game 5 tied 2-2 in Boston.  I had mixed emotions about that game.  Boston has the ability to shut down the opposing teams and run with it, but they didn't.  They came into the game making so many mistakes, but managed to stay in the game because of 2 things: their defense which knocked the Lakers off their game and the Lakers low shooting percentage.  The Celtics bench also kept the team in the game, which is great to see.  

Unfortunately, the same mistakes that the Celtics made Sunday night were being made last night.  They had two things working against them.  One, they were no longer in Boston and the Lakers are always a more confident team when playing at home.  Two, they weren't making their shots and their turnovers were hurting them so bad.  Losing their big man Kendrick Perkins in the first half was devastating, especially since this was a big game.  Usually, when something like this happens, the rest of the team should shake this off and move on; prove to the other team that no matter what, they were still in the game.  That's what should have happened!  

Instead, Boston didn't rebound the ball, which meant their chances for second chance shots went out the window, they didn't defend and left the Lakers sharp shooters wide open and they didn't make the extra passes.  Unlike previous games where a player would pass up a good shot for a better shot, someone would jack up a three and miss it.  A few times, it looked like the Celtics actually handed the Lakers the ball and said, "Please go and make a three point shot!"  To make matters worse, this was all only in the FIRST HALF!!!!  I was so upset that I turned off the TV during halftime and watched the last bit of the 3rd quarter before calling it quits since Boston seemed to have done the same.  Sigh

So here it is: Boston get your act together, this next game is a must win!  Get it together!  I really don't want to see Kobe win it again!  He already makes me sick...he doesn't need another championship ring. 

Despite how horribly they played last night, I still say


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