Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Patience Is Needed

I was reminded that I hadn't posted any of the insane stories from the new job and I think I need to change that REAL quick!  First off, let me begin by apologizing to everyone, including my poor mother, who has to listen to me vent almost daily.  You are saint in this respect!

Look, I am a nerd and am extremely comfortable with this, but here, I am surrounded by people who are nerdier than I!  More often than not, I find that I am okay with this although, there are a lot of times when I just look at them like they're crazy.  One asked me if I had heard the one about the 'Skeleton who goes into the bar and asks for a drink and a rag.'  I couldn't help, but look at him, shake my head and kinda laugh because the guy meant well, despite his lame attempt at a joke.

Okay, I am officially convinced that the smaller the city, the crazier the people!  My second or third week there, I was in the middle of helping someone at the counter when another man came up and started talking to the other secretary.  As far as I knew, he was just another upset person until he commented on wanting a man to help him instead of a woman.  Hmmm, not today.  He said to the other lady, "I don't like when the police come to my house.  I don't understand why they pull out their guns when I pull out my machete!"  Um, hi!  Common sense here, guy!  They consider you a threat and are going to protect themselves.  

After 20, 30 minutes, he apparently got what he needed and left.  The woman helping him came over to where the lady who is in the middle of training me and I were sitting and says, "He told me that the reason why he was so calm is that he was on his meds today."  Excuse me, that guy who was an asshole to the women in the office was calm?!  So, silly me asks, "How does he normally act?" Again, silly me for asking.  The four women standing up there go on to tell me that this guy usually has a temper, has gone into a bank with an ax and didn't see why it was a problem, has been escorted off the premises plenty of times by the township police and only the week before was on the floor below with a large stick!  Apparently there are plenty of crazies like him roaming around that come into the office.  And to think, I thought the oddest thing out there was the guy with the dog and flag that walks up and down Marsh Road most of the year.

I have found that one of the ladies who works in the next division usually has the best stories and craziest visitors.  Just this week, a man came in who got busted for some kind of violation and proceeded to scream at her, saying that she made him sick and how he hated this township, blah, blah, blah.  The whole time, she managed to stay calm and when he finally leaves for the second time, she turns to me and another secretary and says, "Well, apparently, I make him sick," shrugs her shoulders and walks away.  Me, I find this amusing and count this as my entertainment for the hour.

Out of everything, I have noticed that most of the people like each other and are more than willing to welcome the newcomer (me) with open arms.  Even people who aren't training me, are always finding opportunities to show me different aspects of the office, which I am all for. The past few days, with my trainer out on sick leave, I thought people would forget about me and that has not been the case.  I have noticed that that isn't an option and I love that.

So, this isn't everything, but you get the picture. 

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